Systems and technology for paper mills

Since 1973, knowledge and technological innovation for paper mills, in Italy and the world, with systems that guarantee reliability, production quality and energy savings - a dependable and trusted partner for your business.






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FOMAT serviceWe can offer a complete, fast and professional assistance to all paper industry manufacturers that have bought our products.

We can also make surveys with skilled technicians and engineers, that will be able to suggest you the best update for an improvement of the energy savings - even on old plants for paper production.

Our team of technicians is able to solve any problem regarding drying hoods and all FOMAT systems, and regarding many instruments of the paper mill.

Spare parts

FOMAT service

FOMAT was born as a spare parts vendor for paper mills in the local area, later expanding the service in every part of Italy.

We have always handled spare parts of the best brands, so to guarantee the highest quality availble on the market - always keeping an eye on technological innovation.

FOMAT supplies not only paper industries but is also interested in everything connected to the treatment of air, steam and water - thanks to the long experience in the field.

Our service does not stop with the reselling of the commercial product: we are able to supply also assistance to installation and engineering the ideal solution for your specific problem. Our deep understanding of systems and plants allows us to offer the best cutting-edge technical solutions. We can suggest you alternatives, sizing and alterations to your plants - our main goal has alwys been giving complete satisfaction to the customers and solving their problems.